Univitaforum is a platform set aside for easy access to information of different categories. It is a forum website where people can share information, ideas and engage with others. A platform built to empower you with useful information and engage with other people that have the same interests with you.

Univitaforum is a modified blog embedded with an awesome forum script with lots of cool features like profile, private message, ranks, add friend, groups and many more.
1. Create and Update Profiles: Registered members can create and edit their profile pictures.
2. Add Friends: You can send friend requests to other registered members.
3. Private Messages: Send private messages to other forum members.
4. Form and Join Groups: Create your own group and invite your friends or join other groups.
5. Follow Activity Streams: Get updates with recent activity or discussion going on in the forum.
6. Rating and Title: All registered members get rated and title according to the number of topics posted.
7. Topic Subscription: Subscribe to your favorite topics and get notifications.



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