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Univitaforum is a platform set aside for easy access to information of different categories. It is a forum website where people can share information, ideas and engage with others. A platform built to empower you with useful information and engage with other people that have the same interests with you.
Univitaforum is coming up with a platform that will help members earn extra money and gifts and also another one for services.
Univitaforum is a modified blog embedded with an awesome forum script with lots of cool features like profile, private message, ranks, add friend, groups and many more.
1. Create and Update Profiles: Registered members can create and edit their profile pictures.
2. Add Friends: You can send friend requests to other registered members.
3. Private Messages: Send private messages to other forum members.
4. Form and Join Groups: Create your own group and invite your friends or join other groups.
5. Follow Activity Streams: Get updates with recent activity or discussion going on in the forum.
6. Rating and Title: All registered members get rated and title according to the number of topics posted.
7. Topic Subscription: Subscribe to your favorite topics and get notifications.
Univitaforum started first as a basic website where students can have access to lecture notes and school news, but it was focused on students only. Later on with the help of family and Friends univitaforum was redesigned so that everyone can share and get information from different forum categories and engage with each other without limiting it to students.
Collins Kenechukwu the owner of univitaforum, a student of Enugu state university of science and technology with the aim of creating a platform where students and everyone else can share and get information, engage with others with similar interests and empowering them with useful information.
~Get Updates and Engage With Others~
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