The New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Overview

The New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Overview

The new Samsung galaxy note 9

Samsung has released many phone this year but this new phone is exceptional from others. Their back again with another 2018 phone that’s on the note series. Samsung is on top when it comes to android phones and no doubt they have realised a lot of amazing phones and this time around their back with the new super powerful Galaxy Note 9.


Overview Of The New Galaxy Note 9




Battery Life: 4000mah battery gets you through your day on a single charge


Wireless Charging: When your battery’s drained, quick and convenient wireless charging gets your galaxy Note 9 back to 100% without needing to plug it.


10nmAp and 6GB RAM: The cutting-edge processor engineered for speed, whether gaming, streaming or multitasking.


128GB Storage: Stop deleting your memories for just a little extra space with internal memory 128GB and External memory up to 512GB.


Hybrid SIM: Galaxy Note 9 offers dual Sim support, so you’re able to have two different numbers.


Stereo Speakers: Experience game changing audio stereo speakers turned by AKG which gives you even more vivid sound and louder volume.

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Optimized For Gaming: When the game’s moving fast, your phone keeps up. Galaxy Note 9’s innovative water carbon cooling system diffuses heat from efficient cooling.


Water and Dust Resistant: Galaxy Note 9 still works well even after being submerged in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes.


Samsung Knox: The moment you turn on your phone data is protected by Samsung Knox with multiple layers of overlapping defense and security mechanisms that protect your galaxy Note 9 against instruction, malware and malicious threats.


Biometric Authentication: Unlock instantly anytime anywhere using Iris scan,face recognition, fingerprint, pattern, password or pin.




Infinity Display: Get immersed in the cinematic experience, 516pixels per inch and 2960×1440 resolution.


Brightness and contrast: See your photos in striking detail even in broad daylight.


Refined Design: Fantastic from front to back with metal frame features dia-cutting along the edge for a high-end.


Style as Vibrant as you: The galaxy Note 9 comes with three vibrant colours. The Ocean Blue, Elegant Midnight Black, and the beautiful hue of Metallic Copper.

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S PEN Bluetooth Enabled


Precision: A natural extension of you. The S PEN tip 0.7mm and pressure levels 4096 feels like putting pen to paper


Remote Camera Access: Capture moments like no one else can.


Presentation Control: Command your slideshow without touching your phone.


Enhance your Favourite Apps Experience: From gallery to YouTube videos, you can use the S PEN to play, pause or switch to the next one from up to 10meters away.


Custom Settings: Control your way by creating your own custom S PEN functions.


Screen Off Memo: Pop out the S PEN to activate screen Off Memo and turn your galaxy Note 9 into an intelligent notepad without unlocking your phone.


Samsung Notes: The power of productivity at your fingertips, the Samsung notes app is powerful enough to keep track of your thoughts and brainstorm.


Live Message: Add a truly personal touch to your messages


PENUP: Unleash your creativity with PENUP app to create and post live drawings or trace over your favourite images.




Dual Aperture: Stunning shots in different kinds of light with F2.4 mode in the daylight and F1.5 mode in dark.

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HDR For Low Light: Capture colour even in the dark.


Dual Lens Camera: Two lenses, infinite possibilities with dual 12mp camera with 2× optical zoom.


Live Focus For Low Light: Create dazzling portraits even in the dark with live focus on the rear camera.


Scene Optimiser: Get the photo you want in the first shot. Scene Optimiser on the rear camera intelligently detects the subject in frame.


Flaw Detection: Say so long to bad photos. Galaxy Note 9 detects blinks,blurs, smudged lenses and backlighting, notifying you so you can adjust and reshoot.


Front Camera: Rethink how you shoot selfies with the innovative bluetooth enabled S PEN a press of a button is all it takes.


Super Slow-Mo: Make every moment feel epic with galaxy Note 9, record at a wicked fast 960 frames per second.


AR Emoji: Show off your animated side.


Disney AR Emoji: Chat as your favourite Disney and Pixar characters.



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